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Vampire Prosecutor Episode 4 Synopsis Summary & Preview Video

Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 4:

Episode Title

Trauma (트라우마)


The dead body of the pastor Kim Gu Hyun who is called “bread pastor” due to his usual charity work of giving away free bread to unfortunate children was found, killed brutally with sharp weapon. The suspect is arrested directly on the crime scene. Superior is paying high attention on the case. Investigation by Tae Yeon using his special capability shows that he is a suspect, but Tae Yeon does not discover his murder weapon and motive.

Tae Yoon sends detective Hwang to look for weapon, but he is hit by somebody until fainted, and the important evident that hard to come by has also been stole. The famous lawyer Yoon who is notorious as “crime eraser” has actively protect his innocent. Facing with such a strong opponent, Tae Yeon has to use a strategy to bring criminal to justice.

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 4 Preview Trailer

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