Vampire Prosecutor Episode 5 Synopsis Summary & Preview Trailer

Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 5:

Episode Title

Real Game (진실게임)


In a female high school which was calm and quiet, the girls died one after another. It seems like they committed suicide by accident, but at the site of the accident, the girls catch the sight of Hyun Jul who committed suicide 2 years ago. The girls think that it’s the ghost of Hyun Jul appearing and are scared.

Through the special ability, Tae Yeon knows that the last person the girls who died saw were indeed Hyul Jul, and Tae Yoon investigates if the mysterious deaths of the girls were caused by the ghost. Tae Yeon and Jung In find that the reason of girls’ death was strange, and their classmates are suspected. With the progress of investigation, the truth of cruel female high school ghost story is revealed.

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 5 Preview Trailer

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