Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 6:

Episode Title

Fight Club (파이트 클럽)


A dead body of a member of online forum for Jeet Kune Do master Fight Club is found at an open space. He is killed when participated in real PK among the members, and every martial arts masters who joined are suspects, but all of them denies that they committed the crime.

The autopsy and investigation does not yield any conclusive evidence too, and the special ability of Min Tae Yeon cannot discover the real murderer who killed the victim too. In fact, what the four suspects did to the victim is not the direct cause that killed the victim. It’s a evil murder case which is difficult to solve even for Tae Yeon’s ability.

But when Tae Yoon knows that one of the suspect is the witness for a murder case at Korea hospital seven years ago, his emotion is out of control. Jung In is curious about why Tae Yeon is obsessed about a case seven years ago, but Tae Yoon diverts the topic.

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The fighting scene in episode 6.

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