Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 7:

Episode Title

Syndrome (신드롬)


The dead body of an abusive TV show presenter who is famous for outspoken cursing is found at the bathroom of her own house, one month after he was predicted to death on a show. The person who self-proclaimed himself as prophet and predicted the death of the TV host during the show, gives himself up to the police, saying that it’s him who instigated alien to kill. But around the infamous victim who cursed the performers in the show, there is a lot of suspects with motive to murder.

Meanwhile, the result of autopsy reveals that the suspect is a high intelligent criminal. And the fact that a performer who bears a grudge against the victim has been intimidated is also discovered.

The victim’s eyes was hurt before death. Tae Yeon drinks his blood but discovers nothing. In the process of chasing suspect Lee In Chul, Min Tae Yeon critically injured when protecting Jung In. Later the words of producer causes the real criminal to emerge.

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