Vampire Prosecutor Episode 8 Synopsis Summary (with Video Preview)

Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 8:

Episode Title

Moon (달)


Jung In and detective Hwang are chasing criminal on the streets of Seoul. On the other hand, the dead body of the famous female painter who met with sudden death if found with head and leg bleeding. The paintings that disappeared from the vault, fingerprints that mysteriously wiped off from the scene, and the only evidence left on the scene is the witness who is the niece of the victim. Tae Yeon on the scene finds that the witness has strange behavior, and she is accused as the suspect.

During interrogation by Jung In, the witness is found to be suffered from severe insomnia and lethargy sleep disorder, and she denies that she committed the crime. Investigation team is conducting investigation based on the only clue from her testimony. After careful investigation, detective Hwang discovers a strange thing, that Mrs. Kim and Kay who involved in the case are in fact the suspect herself. The suspect suddenly disappears, Jung In has not choice but to turn to her father with black society background for help. Then, hidden behind the famous painting is a shocking truth!

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 8 Preview Trailer

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