Episode synopsis summary for Vampire Prosecutor episode 9:

Episode Title

Good Friends (좋은 친구들)


Gangbuk-gu gang leader was killed cruelly and his body was found in the rubbish dump. Tae Yeon discovers that the deceased looked like holding a very important thing when alive. Jung In who arrives late at the scene knows the victim.

In addition, plastic sheet of unknown substance is found in the mouth and stomach of the victim, and the all ten fingernails on the fingers cut off, showing the trace of three-stage interrogation with torture. The accurate deducing by Jung In on the torturing process suffered by the victim when alive is shocking everybody.

Jung In suspects the case is related to the big boss of her father’s black society, at the same time, Tae Yeon and detective Hwang go to the home of big boss. At this time, a uncompletely destroyed audio tape is bringing hope in solving the case. Eventually the impactful past of the Jung In is revealed.

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