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Viewers Want Sequel Despite Low Ratings of Wild Romance

The KBS2 drama series Wild Romance starring Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young has always ranked at the bottom of viewership ratings ranking chart since debut in the new year, and has even dropped to ultra-low viewership ratings of 5%.

When it’s about to welcome the grand finale, surprisingly the viewers’ bulletin board has been filled with cheers requesting producer to make a sequel, proving that although ratings is a hard target, but it is not the complete factors for the negation of a drama.

Will Romance tells the story of female policewoman Yoo Eun Jae (Lee Si Young) accidentally becomes the personal bodyguard of baseball player Park Mu Yeol (Lee Dong Wook) who always creates trouble, and then they into love relationship. On the day of premiere, the two other major TV stations also premiered their new dramas, the rivalry started right from the beginning, ultimately MBC’s The Moon that Embraces the Sun gained the most reputation and highest ratings, and has even surged to national viewership ratings champion. While the criticisms for SBS’s Take Care of Us, Captain is quite a lot, and the ratings also dropped to single digit, but the ratings still linger around 8%. Meanwhile, Wild Romance’s ratings started from the rock bottom, and fell to even lower bleak ratings around 5%.

Wild Romance

But strangely at the same time the drama is about to end, the community bulletin board on the official website is filled with messages that defend the drama against injustice. The audience wrote: “It’s so pity the drama debuted quietly and ended quietly,” “This is 100% romantic comedy drama, the plot is interesting and memorable,” “Producer please produces a sequel to challenge again” and so on.

With so many positive messages poured in all of a sudden, the South Korean media has said although Wild Romance is defeated in term of ratings, but it does not mean that it is unsuccessful.

Firstly for the script, although the first and second episode have been complained by viewers as too contrived and barely, subsequently it’s improved to no procrastination and always adds in new role and elements to make the story richer. The style of writer Park Yeon Sun which has always been delicate and interesting dialogue also embodied in the drama, while the characters has their own characteristics. The performance of lead actors has been consistently excellent, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Si Young, Hwang Sun Hee, Jessica, Oh Man Suk and others received the recognition and praises from viewers.

There is hope that the drama can improve towards its ending in such a sensational support, but to the request of sequel strongly demanded by audience, the producer is yet to give any positive response.





10 responses to “Viewers Want Sequel Despite Low Ratings of Wild Romance”

  1. Atka Avatar

    i think some original viewers were frustrated the time jong hee debuted in the middle of the drama and stayed there, and the show treating her like she’s the lead character. that makes some viewers such as myself and few other people i know (and i’m sure a lot of other people fel about the same too) very frustrated becuz we really want PMY and YEJ romance. instead the show revealed their romance in three last episodes. because of that we would love a sequel! because i feel like we don’t get enough romance from both of them!

  2. rosa Avatar

    If a sequel not impossible….I don’t mind just extend 2 more episodes this drama with focus on MY&EJ scene only

  3. Fonny_LH Avatar

    I feel the story line between PMY and YEJ romance is not enough. The writer too focus on the MY’s ex-girlfriend too much. It makes many of viewer frustrated annoyed and bored. Why the producer and writer didn’t listen to the audience want. It is not rom-com at all. The writer put so much complecate and conflict. I think only the story of stalker is enough. they should bring the romance between this two since episode 8 or 9 not the last few episode.The writer and PD have a great actor and actress but they don’t manage well. Although it has low rating and lake of some point, I still continue to watch this show because of the great acting of LDW and LSY. 

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  5. Anaamp14 Avatar

    i hope they do have more episode!! This is the first Kdrama i have watched and i loved it!! i agree with the other comments too there should be more romantic parts with Yoo Eun Jae and Park Moo Yeol!!

  6. dorsky Avatar

    i agree with the above comments, no offense meant to the character of kang jong hee, i really think that she overstayed, the development of the main characters’ relationship as a couple was not given enough exposure. the story is wanting in that respect, when in fact the strength of WILD ROMANCE lies in the performances of the two main characters.  WR has its own strenghts and weaknesses, something may be lacking in the story or what nots but never the acting ability of Mr. LEE DONG WOOK and Ms. LEE SI YOUNG, in fact, in my own humble opinion, each actor is independent from one another, each of them can hold his/her own, and combining the two… the result is FIREWORKS…with regards to the ending i am very much pleased with it. It was simply great.  I am so taken by the revelation at the end, it’s quiet and subdued approach is in contrast with the intense characterization of the two actors and it works, seeping through you, growing in you and at the end leaves you in amazement.  Thank you KBS!  Cheers to WILD ROMANCE! 

    1. Maria Avatar

      You could not have put it better.  FIREWORKS! As someone wrote here, if not a sequel (which I read a few times have never happened in KBS) at least a couple of episodes to make up for our frustration over the lack of romantic scenes between the Mu-Yeol and Eun Jae.  I just have to repeat a couple of comments I had made on this site this morning, in defense of Wild Romance. Until now I keep watching repeats of scenes. Far from being bored or tired yet. 

      Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young were great in it.. Best romcom I’ve seen
      though the script in the later episodes left much to be desired, and wasted the
      actors’ talents.  I would have wanted more romantic scenes after having
      waited for the last episode for the first kiss!!  Too much screen time on
      Jessica – what for? I am delaying watching the last 15 minutes of ep16 but from
      many comments I have read, I don’t think there was a scene where Eun Jae
      introduced Mu-Yeol to her Dad … that and another sweet scene between the OTP
      to really establish that MY’s head-over-heels with EJ, should have capped the
      series. Still, I think Wild Romance would do much better outside Korea because
      non-Koreans do not go for sangeuk as much. I don’t.  Great job for the
      leads and most of the actors.I should add… never have I replayed so many
      scenes of a K-drama over and over because they were funny and the couple so
      cute!  Daebak! Also, the OST was very good and many videos done by fans
      had scenes that fitted the lyrics (per English translations).  

  7. anabear Avatar

    I’ve watched many kdramas and this one so far I one of the greatest I’ve seen. The romance part was too short and sweet and it’s frustrating because I didn’t get enough of it! I would like to request a sequel very much. PMY and YEJ has such great potential as a couple. I believe that despite their low ratings, Wild Romance will bloom only a later on. Like the case of You’re Beautiful, which didn’t gather much popularity on television but eventually became popular in the internet.

  8. Deara Zijmers Avatar

    to be honest, i never want to watch a movie twice because i remember the story and won’t be fun to re-watch but, WR break my habit, i watched it over and over and never get bored :) i even keep laughing and smiling. WR might be didn’t get a good rating but the drama is so memorable won’t be easy to forget. 
    how LDW and LSY chemistry in this drama are so perfect (in all aspect). they both build the character perfectly. so hilarious. for me, from all korean drama i ever watched WR is the best :)

  9. Sansan Hasanah Avatar

    This drama is really great and hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing and rewatching those funny moments. It’s funny from the start till the end. Some korean dramas are very funny at the beginning then getting so dragging in the middle till the end. But this drama is different. I stumbled upon this drama because of curiosity. I watched scent of a woman first. I thought yeah it’s so moving and lots of romance. Then I was curious over the reaction toward LDW and Jessica. I thought she was the main star. When I knew that it was the actress who previously played in Poseidon, I got curious to watch. Moreover, some comments in the Korean online drama site were good. And I got hooked up since then. Not only me, it turned out my two sisters too join my addiction for this drama. They said they couldn’t stop watching. We laughed wholeheartedly together. I never see my sisters so addicted like that. I must give Lee Si Young two or maybe 4 thumps up if it’s possible. I only saw her acting in boys before flower (which I almost forgot that she was there^^), playful kiss and Poseidon (which I only watched its first 2 episode). She totally awesome. Her role in WR is totally different from her previous ones. She reminded me of Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince but she’s much better. Her acting is so natural. LDW and LSY, they looked so great together. The story is great…It’s different from other dramas which mostly talk about the rich and poor relationship. And the horeine didn’t have to changed like most Cinderella’s story. She is still who she is from the beginning till the end. Each role has their own distinct portion. Ah, by the way, I also have to give a good praise for LDW’s acting. He portrayed the character well.

    Just like others I also think that the reason why the rating is so low because people are anticipating for the romance between PMY and YEJ so much. Like in the scent of the woman the portion of the romantic scene between the two main role is satisfying for the viewers. I guess that’s what Korean viewers want to see. I have to admit too that it would be great if the romantic scene of PMY and YEJ (romantic in their own way, of course) could have started from earlier episode. I would be glad if I can see the extend episode or continuation of this drama. And LSY should have been nominated for best actress. I saluted her for having the courage to take this role and change her beautiful image to YEJ’s role.

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