Relevant officer of What’s Up production team has explained the official position on the dissatisfaction of viewers on broadcasting duration of the drama series.

General programming service channel MBN special planning weekend drama What’s Up is a school drama that depicts challenge and failure of students in musical studies who are dreaming to be actor, and their love and friendship. Unlike the free-to-air TV channels which broadcast each episode of drama for 70 minutes, each episode of What’s Up broadcast is edited to 60 minutes, provoking objections from many viewers.

Thus, PD Min Sung Ok left a message on viewers’ bulletin board on December 20th, 2011 that, “What’s Up is a drama that produced in advance, and it has completed the shooting, every week director Song Ji Won will participate in editing and rearragement, sending over enough broadcasting duration to air.”

PD Min explained, “It’s not what everybody thought, cutting 10 minutes away from the 70 minutes in order to make it 60 minutes. Currently, the 70 minutes aired by free-to-air TV channels are not only for the purpose of broadcasting more contents, but it’s because current advertising standard determines the advertising duration and price based on the duration of the TV series broadcast, so in order to broadcast more ads, the duration of drama is set at 70 minutes.”

He added, “At current drama producing environment, from the broadcast incident of Sign and Han Ye Seul incident of Myung Wol the Spy, it’s very hard to complete the editing of the quantity to broadcast before the day of broadcast. The PDs of three free-to-air TV stations also agree that changing the duration of broadcast to 60 minutes is reason, and is matching with international standard.”

Lastly he said, “Currently the actual broadcast duration for 60-minute cutting is below 50 minutes. Although trying hard to broadcast a full 50 minutes, but when arranging the end of every episode, the actual broadcast duration is just 45 to 47 minutes, it’s really short. We’ll try our best to increase the content broadcast within the preset timing.”

via Star News