Synopsis Summary for Episode 1 (premiere episode) of Wild Romance

Title: The competition that nobody wishes to see

In the KTV, the family of Eun Jae is celebrating the birthday of Eun Jae’s father, Young Kil. Under situation of getting drunk, Young Kil and Eun Jae’s younger brother, Chang Ho meet Park Moo Yul. Young Kil and Chang Ho who are avid fans of ‘Blue Seagulls’ are having dispute with star baseball player of ‘Red Dreamers’ Park Moo Yul whom they long cursed after the Korea series. Eun Jae who is Judo 5th dan gets furious after looking at this situation, and she throws Moo Yul to the ground. The scene was recorded by the KTV hourly worker with mobile phone, and instantly spreads on the Internet. In order to resolve the incident, Eun Jae and Moo Yul meet once again.

Video Preview for Episode 1 (premiere episode) of Wild Romance