Wild Romance Episode 9 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 9 of Wild Romance

Title: The Texas base hit hated by everyone

Moo Yul gradually begins to worry about obvious change of Eun Jae’s behavior, looking at the intimate affectionate of Moo Yul and Jong Hee, Eun Jae is burning with fire of jealousy.

Soo Young recalls the outstanding talent of Jong Hee in the past, and pours out the sense of inferiority on herself to Dong Soo.

Dong Ah starts to work as undercover at the bar where Seo Yoon Yi newly joined, and takes action covertly to determine the true identity of Seo Yoon Yi.

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4 responses to “Wild Romance Episode 9 Synopsis Summary”

  1. Magen Sonnet Socks Rigdon Avatar
    Magen Sonnet Socks Rigdon

    Thank you so much for the written preview synopsis, it is VERY appreciated! *fighting!*

  2. Angel Avatar

    I do not understand what is writer trying to do with this episode, WR already have fans not only in Korea but also ouside Korea country, if you only concern about rating….well…I bet it will going down indeed, WR fans dissapointed and angry the lead actress LSY suddenly become second lead act because of the ex-gf came that why we don’t want to watch this ep..lol

  3. Jann Avatar

    I think LSY has practically disappeared from the screen since ep 9…this drama is really going downhill…people are loving Jessica, hating LDW because of Jessica, or loving LDW to be with Jessica, and forgetting the main lead in this love-hate process…phew (losing interest fasttttt!!!)

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