The ‘sofa kiss’ of Yeon Jung Hoon becomes the focus of attention.

In episode 9 of MBN drama series Can Love Become Money broadcast on March 31st, 2012, Yeon Jung Hoon who plays the role of ‘tyrant emperor’ Ma In Tak, is staging a sofa kiss scene with Yoon Da Ran who is played by Uhm Ji Won and plans to get marry to scam for a living.

The sofa kiss scene when the In Tak’s pet dog bites the shoes and clothes of Da Ren which made her shedding tears sadly and In Tak consoles her.

The production company said, “The sofa kiss of Yeon Jeong Hun and Uhm Ji Won is the first starting point of the romantic love of the two after twists and turns in Can Love Become Money. The atmosphere on the light and anxious kiss scene was truly.”

The sofa kiss scene of Yeon Jeong Hun and Uhm Ji Won broadcasts in episode 9 on the night of March 31st, 2012.

via hkn24