Actor Yoo Ah In said frankly, “Comparing with Kwon Yuri, I prefer kiss scene with Shin Se Kyung.”

On afternoon 2pm on April 20th, 2012, Yoo Ah In participated in the press conference for SBS Monday and Tuesday drama series “Fashion King” held at Tanhyeon’s SBS Production Center. During the event, when talked about the kiss scenes with Kwon Yuri and Shin Se Kyung in the drama, he expressed his thoughts candidly.

When asked, “Whose kiss scene you prefer?” Yoo Ah In smiled heartily and answered, “I prefer kiss scene with Shin Se Kyung.” Then, he said embarrassingly, “The setting of the scenes where I kissed with them is different. I took initiative in the kiss scene with Kwon Yuri, while in the kiss scene with Shin Se Kyung, she took initiative. The feeling of been kissed is refreshing, very interesting.”

Shin Se Kyung who was sitting beside was asked, “How was the feeling when filming the kiss scene?” She smiled and said shyly, “Actually I was very nervous, heart was beating and bouncing.” Looking the sweet couple, director Lee Myung Woo praised, “Shin Se Kyung fully portrayed the naivete emotion of the character in the drama, although both Yoo A In and Shin Se Kyung are still young, but the acting skills are great.”

Director Lee also urged, “At the scene, the actors are trying all their best to present the excellent acting to audience. Hope that everybody can support the drama.

SBS’s “Fashion King” depicts the love and success story of 4 lead characters and is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55pm.

via Ilgan Sports