Yoo In Na exposed her bra in “Queen In-Hyun’s Man“.

In episode 11 of tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama “Queen In-Hyun’s Man” aired on May 23rd, 2012, Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na) meets Kim Bung Do (Ji Hyun Woo) who returns from Joseon Dynasty to modern era.

In the day’s episode, Choi Hee Jin and Kim Bung Do agree to meet at 12 o’clock at home, so Choi Hee Jin quickly rushes home. Once at home, Choi Hee Jin begins to undress. In the scene, Yoo In Na takes off her upper garment, and the bra inside is exposed, astounded the viewers.

Choi Hee Jin who is busy undressing found Kim Bung Do who is staring at her in the living room, and snubs, “Why are you here?”

Kim Bung Do clarified, “I am not intentional,” but Choi Hee Jin repeatedly pressed, “Looks like it’s intentional,” and stares at him. So Kim Bung Do deliberately said with a smile, “This is the first time I met a woman who undresses once back home.”

Kim Bung Do tells Choi Hee Jin who hasn’t finished undressing, “If it’s ribbon (of hanbok), I would like to help you.” Choi Hee Jin immediately rebukes, “Looks like very confident in undress the ribbon of woman’s clothes.”

Kim Bung Do said, “Change comfortably, I get out now.” And he leaves after saying. At this time, Choi Hee Jin said quickly, “So now you leave after seeing what you should see.” And Kim Bung Do said brazenly, “Have seen everything should have seen, so get out.” Instantly drawing laughter of audience.