10 Asia, a popular magazine in South Korea that focuses on Korean entertainment news has published the winners of its 2011’s 10 Asia Awards. The 10Asia Awards is awarded by editors, journalists and film critics, where each person chose their favorite drama, director, screenplay writer and actor or actress.

Here’s the choice of the panelists for 10Asia Awards, where each row represents the choice with columns from left to right represents drama, director, screenwriter and actor.

2011 10asia Awards

Here’s the summary ranking results of 10 Asia Awards, based on the amount of votes:

Best Drama of 2011

1. Tree with Deep Roots / Deep Rooted Tree (SBS)
2. The Best Love (MBC)
3. Sign (SBS)
4. Royal Family (MBC)
4. Romance Town (KBS)

Best Director of 2011

1. Jang Tae Yoo (Deep Rooted Tree, SBS)
1. Kim Yong Soo (White Christmas, KBS)
2. Kim Do Hoon (Royal Family, MBC)
2. Go Dong Seon (I’m Flower Too, MBC)
2. Yi Jae Dong (Can’t Lose, MBC)
2. Kim Byeong Wook (Hick Kick 3, MBC)
2. Yi Seung Yeong (TEN, OCN)

Best Screenwriter of 2011

1. Kim Young Hyeon & Park Sang Yeon (Deep Rooted Tree, SBS)
2. Kim Eun Hee & Jang Hang Jun (Sign, SBS)
3. Kim Su Hyeon (A Thousand Days’ Promise, SBS)
4. Kwon Gi Young (Protect the Boss, SBS)
4. So Hyeon Gyeong (49 Days, SBS)

Best Actor/Actress of 2011

1. Han Seok Kyu (King Sejong / Deep Rooted Tree, SBS)
2. Gong Hyo Jin (Gu Ae Jung / The Best Love, MBC)
3. Cha Seung Won (Dokko Jin / The Best Love, MBC)
3. Yeom Jung Ah (Kim In Suk / Royal Family, MBC)
3. Park Shin Yang (Yoon Ji Hoon / Sign, SBS)
4. Hyeon Bin (Kim Ju Won / Secret Garden, sbs)
4. Park Young Gyu (Noh Hong Gil / A Thousand Days’ Promise, SBS)

via 10.asiae.co.kr