Description of roles and characters in the Korean drama Brain:

Brain Cast Tree

Lee Kang Hoon (role acted by Shin Ha Kyun)

Shin Ha Kyun
Early 30s, third year of specialist neurosurgeon.

He graduated from medical faculty of top Korea university, becoming an intern with the most outstanding results of the school. He is not choosing to become a doctor because of the great mission of saving life, but because doctor is a profession known by Korean all the time. And that the memory of his father been rejected of treatment when was in danger. He selected neurosurgery because it is the most stable profession in university hospital. After round the clock hard work, he becomes the closest disciple of Go Jae Hak, the central figure without hospital authority.

He self-righteously wants to use his own power to regain everybody because of family misfortune. Have too much sense of self-conceit. Born in poverty, parents of illiteracy and without ability is a mark that he cannot erased, and he has a determination since small: My fate is lead by me.

In contrast, the classmate in medical faculty Seo Joon Suk who born with everything and emits breadth of nobility is the one who he wants to beat at all costs. Although big hospital who pay huge salary wants to headhunt him, but he feels it’s not the time yet. He wants to experience the joy and sense of conquering in the forest with law of jungle.

Kim Sang Chul (role acted by Jung Jin Young)

Jung Jin Young
Early 50s, professor of neurosurgery.

Is the most senior professor of neurosurgery, is very proud of the professional knowledge, a world-class expert who extensively masters the field of neurosurgery and brain. Treats his disciple nd medical teams very demanding, eccentric, but is caring to patients.

Although everybody assumes that he is not married because of knowledge research and patient treatment, but in fact there are other reasons. While unique, careful and stubborn, also has the side of annoying, simple and mild. He most despises the laity like Lee Kang Hoon. The endless greed eyes’ expression constantly sparkled. Disdain Lee Kang Hoon is because the appearance of Lee Kang Hoon is just like his appearance when young. The time of arrogant, selfish, pay attention to one’s own moral uplift without thought of others, so he lost a lot of precious things. Naturally think of someone has committed the same error at the time.

Many times he wants to down the hated Lee Kang Hoon, often observes him from the side and sometimes makes it difficult for him. The arrogant character buries his innate talent but also a pity to his clever mind. Want to use his own way to teach Lee Kang Hoon. If the guy cannot hold onto it, then he should automatically quit.

Yoon Ji Hye (role played by Choi Jung Won)

Choi Jung Won
Late 20s, 2nd year of professional neurosurgeon.

She is a foe with Lee Kang Hoon initially. Because is a female doctor graduated from other medical university, so often ignored by Lee Kang Hoon. She hates to see Lee Kang Hoon. Spends great effort to learn, and everything wants to opposite with Lee Kang Hoon. Actually has a crush on Lee Kang Hoon. On one hand is herself who hates Lee Kang Hoon, on the other hand is in pain due to helplessness for the feelings to him.

Her father is a truck driver, her mother was a housewife, the eldest daughter grew up in an ordinary family. As a doctor she has a thorough sense of mission. Treat studying and things very carefully and seriously, treat patients with moderately and honestly. Good nature, pro-active and has sense of justice, do not understand restrain and very energetic. Typical case of stronger when meeting strong opponent, weaker when meeting weak opponent.

Seo Joon Suk (role played by Jo Dong Hyuk)

Jo Dong Hyuk
Early 30s, 3rd year of specialist neurosurgeon.

A handsome appearance plus generous manner, focus of attention regardless of where he is going. Looks mild on the appearance, but in fact has a strong internal drive for winning, ambitious, confrontation with Lee Kang Hoon since the time of medical school.

He who owns everything at birth never thought of might losing anything. To Seo Joon Suk, Lee Kang Hoon and him are not on the same world, especially the heart of Ji Hye whom he deeply loved has been took away by Lee Kang Hoon, so he will never forgive him.

Show the dignity brought by noble family, people like you is not my rival! But often things go contrary to his wishes, Seo Joon Suk is angry yet helpless, Lee Kang Hoon will always stand up no matter how he is been trampled, surrounding him like a ghost. He cannot understand Yoon Ji Hye who loves the unlucky guy, so Seo Joon Suk is almost crazy. He who used to elegant and prudent often becomes chaotic, as if fast becoming a cheapskate who obsessed only with love, because of Lee Kang Hoon he has no choice but to play a tragic role.

Roles related to university hospital

Go Jae Hak (role played by Lee Sung Min)

Lee Sung Min
Early 50s, head of neurosurgery department, expert in human relationship.

A master in human relationship and politics, always wanted to occupy a position at the core of hospital. Is an opponent with Kang Sang Chul since while learning the profession. Working hard in order to be promoted as the head of Brain research center. Not mature personality and easy to get angry characteristic made him periodically makes mistake. He who acts clever always falls into the trap set up by himself. Is not a pure antagonist. There is also times where he lets go of people already pushed to the corner. Most afraid of wife and balding hair.

Hwang Young Sun (role acted by Ban Hyo Jung)

Ban Hyo Jung
Mid 60s, director of university hospital, a hearty female hero.

As the specialist in neurosurgery, used to be the teacher of Go Jae Hak and Kang Sang Chul. Righteous, and capable of everything. Looks like been hidden from knowing by vice director of university hospital and Go Jae Hak, but actually knows everything in details. Though always has argument with Kang Sang Chul, but is very fond of him. While gentle and kind towards patients and patients’ family, she also has thorough strategical tactics to manage the hospital, and sometimes has a frightening side too. Take an onlooker attitude on repetitive things, but will play suppressive role at critical juncture.

Park In Bum (role acted by Park Cheol Ho)

Park Cheol Ho
Mid 50s, vice director of university hospital, a master that has absolute advantage over Go Jae Hak.

Want to be the director, so team up with Go Jae Hak. Although currently the relationship with the director is still acceptable, but he knows the director does not trust him. So he plans to recommend himself when selecting new director next year. Unlike Go Jae Hak who slacks, he needs to lick someone’s boots, and play tricks, can be considered as a ‘fox’ a level up from Go Jae Hak. Expert in making a third party the instrument of a crime, always shameless. To outsiders, he is a artist who loves poems and piano.

Hong Eun Sook (role played by Lim Ji Eun)

Lim Ji Eun
Mid 30s, head nurse of neurosurgery, a lonely occupation.

Experienced nurse, a single female with careful attitude. Although dignify and cold in personality, but is serious and careful in caring patients. Initially disdained of Lee Kang Hoon, but later gradually approve of him in name, and become his strong backing that helps silently. Fall in love with Jo Dae Sik who 2 years younger than him in profession after constant fall out.

Im Hyun Jung (role acted by Jo Soo Min)

Jo Soo Min
Nurse. A little bit fiddle around. Respect Hong Eun Sook as head nurse.

Characters related to neurosurgery department

Yang Bum Joon (role played by Kwak Seung Nam)

Kwak Seung Nam
Third year. Good at brown nose, opportunist. Although basically he will follow behind the ass of stronger party, but sudden conflict of conscience can happen. Feel lonely deep inside the heart.

Jo Dae Sik (character acted by Shim Hyung Tak)

Shim Hyung Tak
2nd year. Perfectionist who has strong self-esteem. Look down Lee Kang Hoon respect Seo Joon Suk. A bit late in getting into medical school, older than Yang Bum Joon for 2 years.

Dong Seung Man (character played by Lee Seung Joo)

Lee Seung Joo
2nd year. Used to make similar dream with Lee Kang Hoon, always chasing desire.

Yeo Bong Goo (character acted by Kwon Se In)

Kwon Se In
1st year. Innocent, kind, secretly loving Lee Ha Young.

Roles related to beauty clinic

Jang Yoo-jin (role played by Kim Soo Hyun)

Kim Soo Hyun
Around 20 years old. Daughter of second generation wealthy family, representative director of beauty clinic, arrogant on the appearance.

Look arrogant, is caprice and immature person, but kind in nature. Overly honest is both an advantage and disadvantage. At 20, gave birth to a daughter after an intense love and becomes a single mother. On every blind date, when she meets with suitable guy, she will tell the truth, causing the potential romance failed. Love Lee Kang Hoon in first sight, but don’t mentioned about been a single mother. As the daughter of wealthy family, even though she knows about been used by Lee Kang Hoon, but she allows it, as long as she can stay beside Lee Kang Hoon.

Choi Ryu Bi (character played by Kang Ye Seo)

6 years old, daughter of Jang Yoo Jin.

Characters related to family of Lee Kang Hoon

Kim Soon Im (role acted by Song Ok Sook)

Song Ok Sook
Mid 50s, mother of Lee Kang Hoon, a gentle and simple woman with only one son.

Husband left leaving behind mountain of debt, and she who is good-hearted worked every possible jobs to earn money. Although worrying about money everyday, but can always maintain smile on the face. Is not a typical foolish and unlucky role in drama. Not feeling existent of darkness. Sometimes she is shy but very intelligent, unexpectedly is very decisive. Belongs to optimistic. To her Lee Kang Hoon is a superstar, religion, sun and moon. Always wondering why she could gave birth to such an excellent son. Of course, she knows why.

Lee Ha Young (role played by Kim Ga Eun)

Kim Ga Eun
Around 20 years old, younger sister of Lee Kang Hoon, very immature.

Although looks cute and lively, but very immature, causing her mother to worry about her. Wants to be a star so never bother about study. Has big ambition. Want to find a doctor as boyfriend so she always wears beautifully to wander at the hospital her brother works at. Of course must not be discovered by brother. Looking at mother who overly loving brother, always feels that she has a hidden family background. In a triangle love relationship with Yeo Bong Goo and Yang Bum Joon.