Synopsis Summary for Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) Episode 12

Teacher Go Sun who used to be their solemnizer comes to Hope law firm office, they feel nervous been questioned by professor, and express they have divorced. Go Sun hands them the divorce proceeding paper, knowing that his old partner does not agree to divorce, and hope to quickly resolve the divorce proceeding. They work hard to change the mind of professor, but failed to persuade him to drop the divorce intention.

Gi Chan is showing off in front of Hyung Woo and Woo Shik, who both divorced, that he has happy love relationship. But when he backs home, he quarrels with Young Joo again.

Go Sun pays a visit to Eun Jae’s house. Eun Jae asks him if he insists on divorce. Go Sun later sleeps at Eun Jae’s house. Eun Jae calls Hyung Woo and he comes over. They later sleeps on shoulder of teacher, but teacher leaves unknowingly. Ends up they sleep together again.

Geum Ji calls Hyung Woo to meet up at a restaurant, where a girl is waiting for a blind date. Hyung Woo tells his mother that it’s not necessary, and that he is not divorced because of not loving her, but because of causing her too much pain.

Eun Jae and Hyung Woo goes to the Tae Young’s pub to drink.

A client comes to seek help on an accident case. Hyung woo and Eun Jae wants to investigate if there is anything suspicious and pay a visit to the patient in hospital.

Eun Jae’s mother prepares food for Eun Jae, but she is too shamed to bring the food to her personally. She asks the guard to help to bring to Eun Jae. Eun Jae is shocked. She calls Hyung Woo who is in the middle of boxing to ask.

Eun Jae goes to Hyung Woo house to wait for him, but tries to hide as she is embarrassed. She is noticed by Hyung Woo anyway. They go to celebrate the surprise birthday for Jo Jung Koo together with Ki Chan and Woo Shik. Eun Jae is also giving her mother’s dishes as a gift. Eun Jae is the only girl in the whole party, and she feels uncomfortable and leaves. Hyung Woo follows her.

Hyung Woo sends Eun Jae home, but midway they decides to fill their stomach and go drinking.

Hyung Woo returns to Woo Shik’s house and starts clean up. Youngjoo comes to Eun Jae’s house. Eun Jae is lonely, but she can’t say it out due to pride.

Teacher brings Hyung Woo and Eun Jae to a park on the day of his 88th birthday, but suddenly Go Sun disappears. They are searching for him, but cannot find him. They go to the birthday celebration party venue, and tells the waiting crowd the teacher Go Sun has been missing.

Go Sun’s wife says that Go Sun has Alzheimer’s disease. They are shocked and start to get worried. When they manage to find Go Sun again, he can’t remember who are they! Hyung Woo and Eun Jae get to know that the old teacher wants to divorce because of love, as his illness gets worse and burdens his wife.

Geum-ji goes to office to find Eun Jae, telling her both of them is tired. She later goes to find Jeong-nan to be in good term with her again, and they want their children to together again.

Eun Jae shows Hyung Woo the photo of the accident. Eun Jae gets furious when Hyung Woo doesn’t want to see it and walk away angrily. Eun Jae finds that Hyung Woo is strange, and she asks Ki Chan what happened. Gi Chan tells her the story about his brother died in accident.

Upon knowing the hidden secret of Hyung Woo, Eun Jae is worried about Hyung Woo. She cries and blames herself as she doesn’t know where Hyung Woo is going. She goes to his house to wait for him. When Hyung Woo is back, Eun Jae tells him that it’s not his fault on his brother’s accident, and he will be very tired if he bears all the responsibility. She hugs him to console him for the tiredness of hiding the fact from mother, and tells him she will shares the burden. Hyung Woo cries.

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