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  • The Mighty Gift / The Great Gift

    The Mighty Gift / The Great Gift

    Drama Title: The Mighty Gift Korean Title: 위대한 선물 Also Known As: The Great Gift / Widaehan Seonmul Chinese Title: 伟大的礼物 Originally Known As: 선물 / Gift Genre: Drama, Family Episodes: 2 (2 episodes aired consecutively) Broadcast Place: South Korea Broadcast Network: SBS Broadcast Period: September 11 2011 Language: Korean Air Time: 23:10 PM Plot…

  • Sunshine Angel / Sunny Girl

    Sunshine Angel / Sunny Girl

    Drama Title: Sunshine Angel Also Known As: Sunny Girl / Sunshine Girl / Yang Guang Tian Shi Previously Known As: 陽光小妹 / 阳光小妹 Chinese Title: 陽光天使 / 阳光天使 Genre: Drama, Romance Episodes: 14 (Taiwan TV), 18 (China Hunan TV), 22 (China Online Streaming TV) Broadcast Place: China / Taiwan Broadcast Network: TTV (Taiwan) / GTV…

  • The Fierce Wife / The Shrewd Wife

    The Fierce Wife / The Shrewd Wife

    Drama Title: The Fierce Wife Also Known As: The Shrewd Wife / Xi Li Ren Qi Chinese Title: 犀利人妻 Japanese Title: 結婚って、幸せですか (結婚真的幸福嗎?) Genre: Drama, Romance Episodes: 23 Broadcast Place: Taiwan Broadcast Network: TTV / Sanlih E-Television Metro Broadcast Period: 5 November 2010 to 15 April 2011 Language: Chinese Air Time: Friday 22:00 – 23:30…

  • Devotion


    Drama Title: Devotion Also Known As: ADi / A Di Chinese Title: 阿娣 Genre: Drama, Family, Romance Episodes: 25 Broadcast Place:Singapore Broadcast Network: MediaCorp Channel 8 Broadcast Period: 28 June 2011 to 1 August 2011 Air Time: Monday to Friday 21:00 – 22:00 Language: Chinese Duration: 46 minutes Preceded By: C.L.I.F. Followed By: On the…

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