Guardian Angel Kim Young Koo

Guardian Angel Kim Yeong Goo

Guardian Angel Kim Young Koo

Drama Title: Guardian Angel Kim Yeong Goo
Korean Title: 수호천사 김영구
Revised Romanization: Suhocheonsa Gim-Yeong-Gu
Also Known As: Guardian Angel Kim Young Koo
Chinese Name: 守护天使金永久
Genre: Drama
Language: Korean
Episodes: 1
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: October 16 2011
Air Time: Sunday 23:25 PM

Preceded by: Terminal
Followed by: Ji Hoon Is Born in 1982

Plot Summary / Synopsis

A drama about Kim Young Koo who is a private lender and is bilked by a trusted staff. He initially hopes to settle the debt by exploiting her weakness, but eventually he turns into guardian angel for the woman.


Lee Pil-mo (이필모) as Kim Yeong-goo (김영구)
Kim Byeol (김별) as Choi Na-yeong (최나영)
Hwang Yeong-hee (황영희) as Lady Park (박 여사)
Choi Deok-moon (최덕문) as Kang Bae (강배)
Park Jae-woong (박재웅) as Chang-sik (창식)
Song Joon-geun (송준근) – special appearance
Sin Bo-ra (신보라) – special appearance

Production Credits

Directed: Kim Jin Won (김진원)
Screenplay Writer: Jeong Hyeon-min (정현민)


  • The drama is 41th part of KBS “Drama Special” miniseries.

Official Site

Guardian Angel Kim Yeong Goo Trailer

Watch online with English or Chinese subtitle (not yet available).

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