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Drama Title: Ji Hoon Is Born in 1982
Korean Title: 82년생 지훈이
Revised Romanization: 82 nyeonsaeng Jihooni
Also Known As: Ji-Hoon’s Born in 1982 / Ji Hun’s Born in 1982
Chinese Name: 1982年出生的志勋
Genre: Drama
Language: Korean
Episodes: 1
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: October 23 2011
Air Time: Sunday 23:15 PM

Preceded by: Guardian Angel Kim Yeong Goo
Followed by: The Sound of My Wife Breathing

Plot Summary / Synopsis

A drama that realistically describes the sorrowful life of the ‘880 thousand won generation’ through a thirty tear old man, Ji Hun, who was born in 1982.


Heo Jeong-min (허정민) as Kim Ji Hun / Kim Ji Hoon (김지훈)
Choi Yoon-so (최윤소) as Ahn Seo-yeon (안서연)
Kim Seung-wuk (김승욱) as Ji-hoon’s father (지훈父)
Sin Hye-kyeong (신혜경) as Ji-hoon’s mother (지훈母)
Lee Moon-soo (이문수) as Goo Gi-bong (구기봉)
Ji Dae-han (지대한) as Director (부장)
Yoo Tae-woong (유태웅) as President (사장)

Production Credits

Director: Song Hyeon-wook (송현욱)
Screenplay Writer: Seo Yoo-seon (서유선)


  • The drama is 42th part of KBS “Drama Special” miniseries.

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Ji Hun Is Born in 1982 Trailer

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