Actress Han Go Eun is laying the role of Chun Ji In who is unruly, firm and indomitable yoga lecturer that has financial power in MBN drama “Suspicious Family“, showing off the charm of cheerful and lively. And Han Ga Eun is wearing the fashion that highlights her romantic and lively, setting off a boom in the summer.

Han Go Eun who is wearing a pattern dress, carrying a single-shoulder messenger bag, with natural long curly hair, looks romantic, and lively. In addition, the embellishment with hair band and bracelet perfectly portrays the cheerful and lively personality of Chun Ji In. Therefore, the fashion that Han Gaoen exhibited in the drama is immediately sought after by the audience, indicating that it’s about to set off to follow suit fervor

Fans and netizens said about the fashion of Han Go Eun, “Like shooting pictorials even if just casually pose for photograph”, “Very great! Han Go Eun is beautiful!”, “Fashionista must be Han Go Eun”, “Perfectly reproduce the image of Chun Ji In”, “This summer I also want to try this fashion, very romantic” and so on.

via TVDaily