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Suspicious Family

Drama Title: Suspicious Family
Korean Title: 수상한 가족
Romanization: Soosanghan Gajok
Also Known As: Shady Family
Chinese Name: 可疑的家族
Japanese Name: 怪しい家族
Genre: Family
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: MBN
Broadcast period: 9 May 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 8:45 PM

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Plot Summary / Synopsis

The drama is set on the background of obstetrics and gynecology hospital, depicting the love of a father for his family and the importance of the relationship of the siblings.


Kim Sung Soo (김성수) as Cheon Yi Baek (천이백)
Han Go Eun (한고은) as Cheon Ji In (천지인)
Park Sang Myun (박상면) as Cheon Uk Man (천억만)
Min Young Won (민영원) as Oh Soo Young (오수영)
Im Hyun Sik (임현식) as Cheon Do Hae (천도해)
Lee Mi Young (이미영) as Jang In Sook (장인숙)
Byun Woo Min (변우민) as Cheon Won Man (천원만)
Lee Hyo Choon (이효춘) as Wang Hee Yeong (왕희영)
Im Ho (임호) as Kang Do Sang (강도상)
Kim Bin Woo (김빈우) as Min Ah Ri (민아리)
Lee Da In (이다인)
Hong Soon Chang (홍순창)
Song Young Kyu (송영규)
No Joo Hyun (노주현)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jae Kap (이재갑)
ScriptWriter: Park Kyung Soo (박경수)

Viewership Ratings (Ranking)

Date Episode Nationwide (TNS) Seoul (TNS) Nationwide (AGB) Seoul (AGB)
9 May 2012 1
10 May 2012 2

Source: AGB Nielson and TNmS

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