Huge Turnout Cut Short On the Fringe Meet and Greet Session

The popular Singapore drama On the Fringe was drawing unexpectedly huge amount of fans and overwhelming response to its Meet and Greet session, causing the event to be cut short and end abruptly. The meet the fans session was supposedly last for an hour between 4 pm to 5 pm on Monday, August 29 2011, at outside of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

The production team originally promised that the starts will meet fans, shake hands, snap photos, sign autographs, with no stage, no barriers, no bouncers to maintain the order and security, which directly lead to the chaos that force the meet the fans session to be stopped for safety purpose in order to avoid possible stampede and possible injury to casts and crews. The Meet and Greet event was barely lasted 20 minutes before the casts left.

Channel 8 and several actors and actresses has posted messages on Facebook and Twitter to apologize for the sudden end of the event.

Channel 8:

‎”On The Fringe” meet & greet event has been cut short as the safety of the young cast has been compromised. Thank you everyone for your support.

Kimberly Chia:

We’re very sorry, we really wanted to stay a little longer but we had no choice but to leave. hope to see you all next time! Thank you!

Sorry guys!! Had to left due to over overwhelming response!! I hope all of you are safe!! Please be careful!


Apology that we had to cut short ‘On The Fringe’ Cineleisure tour for safety sake. It was too overwhelming beyond my expectation! The last time it was this chaotic was ‘The Little Nyonya’.

The Meet and Greet session is attended by the gang from “WCS” – Yao Zhiyong, Jason, Ah Ya, Joey, Tomato, Ah Dong and Xiaoshun.

A few videos have been posted by various fans of On the Fringe to show the massive crowd who turned up on the venue:

XinMSN shoot of the Meet and Greet session with interview with the young actors and actresses.

A video recorded by Edwin from within the bus taken by them shows the fans were following the bus on the road, occupied one lane. The video can be seen on

Some photos from the On the Fringe Meet and Greet Session. A few photos are from higher point of view, and can clearly shown the packed venue with the large amount of fans, especially around where the actors and actresses were.

MediaCorp’s Channel 8 is now planning another “Thank You Meet-&-Autograph session” as second roadshow with proper stage, queue control and professional security. The session is originally planned on September 10, 2011 at 12 PM at the same venue of Orchard Cineleisure, but is still subject to change. Zhiyong (Edwin Goh), Jason (Ian Fang), Tomato (Pan Yu Da), Ah Ya (Kimberly Chia), Ah Dong (Gabriel Lee), Joey (lizabeth Lee) and Xiao Shun (Peng Xiu Xuan) are expected to be there.

Update: WCS & Friends’ Event confirmed! 9 Sept (Fri) 4pm-6pm @ Cathay Cineleisure Orchard (next to Scape): Meet Yao Zhiyong (Edwin Goh), Jason Liu (Ian Fang), Ah-Ya (Kimberly Chia), Tomato (Phua Yida), Ah-Dong (Gabriel Lee), Xiao Shun (Justin Peng) & Joey (Elizabeth Lee). With proper stage (so every fan regardless of height will get to see them), proper crowd controllers (ensure safety, comfort and ease of human traffic), free postcards to go on stage to get their autographs. Fans to bring cameras to take pictures of them is allowed.

Edwin Goh, Kimberly Chia and Phua Yi Da talked about the overcrowded event while on the way to invited to go prawning/fishing/crabbing grace the cover of an upcoming iWeekly supplement.

Update: The above session has been rescheduled to September 11 between 2 to 4 PM.





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