When watching idol drama in the past, the ending credits part of any episode was mostly just listening to the song, coupled with clip from a segment of the drama. As such, the ending credits part had became the time for viewers to get up to drink or go to washroom. But a few recent idol dramas have put in some effort and creativity, to not only combine music track and plot, but even use MV shooting method to sketch out the story structure, leading to resonance from the viewers, successfully created discussion topics as expected, and also maintain the viewership ratings.

The battle of idol drama is ultra-competitive, in order to grab ratings, even the part of ending credits has to be creative.

In Time with You idol drama – “You make me more courageous, more stronger.”

Like the ending credits of In Time with You, showing 19 actors in the drama whisper to the ear one by one, teasing many netizens to rack their brains, trying to guess to lines through reading the lips, causing discussion.

Office Girls idol drama – “How to slightly add happiness into love.”

The ending credits of another idol drama Office Girls is also specially designed to combine office props and small dolls of leading actor and actress, appearing in the drama in turn.

Ring Ring Bell idol drama – “Keep your wound in heart.”

Ryan of idol drama producer said, “The drama now has increasingly focused on the overall packaging, regardless of opening titles or ending credits, we will re-shoot, so that the overall visual sensation and the story, can be more closely integrated and presented.”

The efforts on ending credits to increase ratings seem to really seize the viewers’ attention. Based on the ratings performance of recent episode, the rating of last 5 minutes for ending part of In Time with You was even higher than average rating, watched by a total of 780,000 people. On the same time slot, the ratings for ending credits for other two dramas also did not fall, showing that the strategy of production team has worked. Such ending part is still watched by a lot of people, and is a strategy to increase the ratings for ending, coupled with following method.

Office Girls idol drama behind the scene – “He has always been with friends, whatcha, whatcha, telephone, hello.”

Broadcast behind the scene footages, let the viewers view the private episodes of actors and actresses, also let viewers resonate, very reluctant to switch channel, then can only maintain ratings.

via TVBS