The rookie Korean actress Kim Ye Jin who is famous for her sexy hip which shaped as a heart is going to show her power of seduction and temptation in Vampire Prosecutor.

In the third episode of Vampire Prosecutor titled “Pug’s Memory Recall” to air on 11pm of Sunday, October 16th, 2011, has a unique watching focus of Kim Ye Jin plays as a sexy coroner who launches comprehensive attack on vampire prosecutor Yun Jung Hoon.

Kim Ye Jin

Kim Ye Jin who has the body figure likes a “Coca-Cola” bottle cannot hide her perfect body shade even when she is wearing a large white coat, revealing the shaking heart of man. But how is the response of Yun Jung Hoon to seduction of Kim Ye Jin. Production crew said, “Whether the simple vampire prosecutor is falling into the temptation or maintain indifference, please looks forward to it.”

via ocnblog