Is he dead? Is he alive? Han Yi Lie who is played by Mike He is supposed to be passed away on critical injury after involved in serious car accident. In the Love Keeps Going episode 10, Yi Lie met a serious accident and was sent to hospital emergency department. Doctor who tried to revive him had given up hope as the injury is too serious.

He is even has already pronounced dead by doctor failed to revive his heartbeat with defibrillator. But here came Mei Le who performed CPR on Yi Lie, who managed to revive his heartbeat.

The “reviving the death” play is heavily criticized and blasted as illogical and does not have medical knowledge. Though sometimes doctor may make a wrong call, probably the scene of CPR revival of Yi Lie happened in such a fast pace, and make it too exaggerated.

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Drama scene photos captured during Yi Lie treatment in emergency room and revival by Mei Le: