Me Too, Flower! OST Album

Me Too, Flower! OST Full Album Released

The full complete album of Me Too, Flower! (I’m a Flower, Too!) has been released on December 22nd, 2011. The Me Too, Flower! OST CD contains 1 disc with a total of 15 tracks of varies songs and music. The songs are sang by various artists (V.A.).

The original sound track of Me Too, Flower! is produced by Park Ho Joon, the musical director of “Ireland” and “My Wife is a Superwoman.”

Me Too, Flower! OST Album

Me Too, Flower! (나도,꽃!) OST Album Track List

  1. Dreaming (꿈을 꾼다) – Beast (비스트)
  2. So Many Tears (눈물이 많아서) – Suzy of miss A (수지)
  3. A Day Without You (니가 떠난 하루) – Alex Chu (알렉스)
  4. YOU (feat. Levela) – Oshima Mai
  5. I Hope You Can Be (네가 있으면 좋겠다) – Taru (타루)
  6. Love Is You (feat. Blue Marble) – Seo Yeon (서연)
  7. Sunset Street – In-Purple
  8. Oh My Boy (feat. Sang-ji [상지]) – Sherry
  9. Hey, Flower (feat. Gold) – A Team
  10. I Love You L.O.V.E (사랑해 L.O.V.E) – BB Boys
  11. Don’t Ever Think (feat. Gold) – Hausmaus
  12. Love Fool (사랑 바보) – Kim Seung Ah (김승아)
  13. Gotta Watcha (Feat. Levela, JDEE [공명정대]) – FOLEY
  14. Sweet and Bitter [달콤 쌉싸름한] (Feat. Son Sung Jae [손성제]) – Jang Je Hun (장제헌)
  15. Me Too, Flower! (Title Music)

Actually, a total of 17 tracks have been released through individual parts of Me Too, Flower! OST. The two tracks that are not included in the final OST album are:

  1. So Many Tears (눈물이 많아서) – Instrumental
  2. The Way It’s Right Now (지금 이대로) – Yoo Hae In (유해인)

The Me Too, Flower! OST is available from major music stores, including YesAsia (aff).





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