SBS Wednesday and Thursday drama “Please Take Care of Us, Captain” (director Joo Dong-min, screenwriter Jung Na-myung and Lee Jae-yeon) is adding new blood. After the addition of playwright, a new PD has joined in, attempting to reverse the trend in the battle of Wednesday and Thusrday drama series.

In addition to PD Joo Dong Min, director Hong Sung Chang has rejoined the production. The drama directed by Hong Sung Chang included “You’re Beautiful,” “Smile, Mom” and etc., is a director who has the ability and strength.

The official of SBS TV series department told eDaily on November 18th, 2012, “Hong Sung Chang started to join two to three days ago, making Take Care of Us, Captain together with Joo Dong Min.” He added, “It will starting from episode 7 and 8 broadcast on January 25th and January 26th, hoping to reverse the situation.”

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Previously, Take Care of Us, Captain was written by screenwriter Jung Na Myung, and now Lee Jae Yuen also joins in to write the script. Viewers have pointed out that the viewers ratings are far behind when comparing with competitor MBC’s The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

Take Care of Us, Captain is the maiden project of PD Joo Dong Min and scriptwriter Jung Na Myung. But the filming schedule is tight, so the powerful director and screenwriter joined in at later stage. So the drama is now gathering expectations.

Take Care of Us, Captain is a drama with fresh new subject of pilot, investing more than 800 million Korean wons to let audience see the internal of aircraft and the colorful side of air-crews. In contrast, on the other hand the drama is criticized as has weakness of lack of professionalism and sense of realistic. The joining of new production team, it’s hoping to overcome the weaknesses, and trying to reverse the situation.

In addition, in the battle of Wednesday and Thursday drama on January 18th, 2012, The Moon that Embraces the Sun is winning with landslide victory of 24.9% ratings (AGB Nielson). Take Care of Us, Captain ranked second with 9.6% ratings, while Wild Romance ranked third with 5.7% rating.

via Nate