Caps from Me Too, Flower!

No Lee Ji Ah Domino Effect in Rating for Me Too, Flower!

The MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday drama series Me Too, Flower! which is using the return of Lee Ji Ah as gimmick debuted with a low rating.

According to AGB Nielson Media Research statistics, Me Too, Flower! that premiered on November 9th, 2011 scored a nationwide rating of 6.8% for its first episode.

Although the rating is 0.6% higher than rating scored by first episode of Can’t Live with Losing which was rated at 6.2%, but the drama series which is using the gimmick of been the return work of Lee Ji Ah failed to receive desired result.

Caps from Me Too, Flower!

The gap with the drama series aired on the same time slot is rather big too. SBS’s Tree with Deep Roots sit firm on the top of the ratings chart for Wednesday and Thursday drama with rating of 19.1% while KBS 2TV’s Glory Jane has the rating of 12.9%. Both dramas has a fixed group of viewers, ensuring stable ratings. And the future of Me Too, Flower! looks bumpy.

In the first episode of Me Too, Flower!, the lead character Cha Bong Sun (played by Lee Ji Ah) and Seo Jae Hee (played by Yoon Shi Yoon) starts the happy love fate through unpleasant encounter, continuous encounters made Bong Sun to have good impression on Jae Hee. Lee Ji Ah who transformed into a patrol policewoman showed her vivid acting skills.





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    Even the  main casts of Me Too Flower compared to the preceded drama Can’t Loose which main casts were veteran actress/actors,  or rather A Halleyu stars had resulted a higher rating for the 1st episode. For me the production did not use gimmick by using LJA as the star cast for reason as her comeback drama after her sad past experience/ordeal since  some netizens still has old culture mentality, blaming the women for the mistake/scandal which is not mainly their fault which might even as a factor for not supporting the drama. For me the script writer so with the production director have really seen the potential of LJA as promising star. The survey made for the rating of the 1st episode should not be the basis for judgement as a failure of the drama. They should respect the production by not releasing such statement for it is still an early stage on its airing. 

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