The launch drama for South Korea’s JTBC, Padam Padam, is topping highest ratings among all general programming service channels in South Korea, and days ago the drama broadcasting rights had been sold to Japen TV station at historical highest price.

It’s reported that the copyright royalty of Padam Padam when sold to Japanese TV is as high as USD $110,000 per episode, which is about 120 millions Korean won, for a total of 2.2 millions US dollar, which is about 2.5 billions Korean won. This is the highest sum in the history of copyright fee for South Korea general programming service channel’s drama series.

As a a newly established general programming service channel, JTBC can sell with such a high copyright fee with its debut drama series, this has laid a solid foundation for their future.

Related personnel of JTBC said, “The casting of the drama is strong, led by Jung Woo Sung, so it can sell for a good copyright royalty. Coupled with the plot is the romantic comedy drama which is popular at the moment, so feel it’s favorite of viewers. The export sales of broadcasting rights is still ongoing, the next step will explore Southeast Asia.”

In addition, JTBC’s “Fermentation Family” also been sold to Japanese TV for a high price tag of USD $80,000 per episode, for a total of 1.92 million US dollars, this shows the production capability of JTBC general programming service channel.