While acting, Patrick Li Pei Xu loves to improvise and create humor. In The Fierce Wife there is “Hao Kang De’s Quotes”, and recently in Office Girls, he acts as a troublesome boss and emerges a funny “Shi Te Long’s Quotations,” which amused Ke Jia Yan, Yao Yao and Li Yu Fen on the set. Patrick Lee has became the A-class lubricant for idol drama, and Alice Ke felt that recently he is spiraling out of control trying to be funny, “Shi Te Long recently in the “sharp man’s wife” when “Haokang De Quotes,” recently in the “Petty Girl dash forward” speech locomotive boss appeared funny, “Stallone is out of control!”

The competition between Sunday’s idol drama series is intense, the viewership ratings for Office Girls are in the lead. In addition to Roy Chiu, Alice Ke Jia Yan and Wen Sheng Hao who have contributed, the model of Eelin agency Patrick Lee is also a hero. Patrick Li and Roy Chiu always add the lines and retouch the plot. Drama director of SET TV Chen Yi Jun laughed and said that both of them should be in the list screenplay writers.

Li Pei Xu said that the humorous side of him is not naturally born, and in private he is boring and uninteresting. But after contacting drama, he started to study theater performance, and treated humor as a professional to study, so the sense of delight came from constantly doing homework and exercises. “Hilarious and humor is actually misplaced space and time.” Just try 4 or 5 ways of acting before filming, and pick whichever that can make people laughs the most, as long as it does not goes wrong.”

Patrick Li

Both Roy Chiu and Patrick Li loves racing, so they always add in the terms related to car into the lines. On episode 8, there is a sentence of “CEO wants a two-door convertible, in the end you bring a four-door with sunroof.” Other classic quotes include “Are you SpongeBob? Why your brain is square in shape?” “Still not ready? These three words you have mouth to say, but I don’t dare to have ear to listen,” “Yesterday on Facebook somebody already check-in for you.”

via ChinaTimes