In addition to the three major South Korean TV station SBS, MBC, KBS, the introduction of cable TV has also began to roll up the Hallyu Korean wave. For example, the JTBC’s Padam Padam starring Jung Woo Sung has broke ratings record again and again, and on the episode aired on December 26th, 2011, the rating hit 2%, successfully suppressed the Jae Hee’s Color of Woman to stand as ratings champion on the same time slot.

The drama series that active in Korea’s cable channels have also became the the object of pursuit by audience, and has also broke away from the past situation where always cannot casted famous actors. As of now the casting of cable channels is not losing to the big three Korea TV station. Like the two cable TV drama series broadcast at the same time, JTBC’s Padam Padam is starring Jung Woo Sung, Han Ji Min and Kim Bum, while Channel A’s Color of Woman is starring Jae Hee, Lee Soo Kyung and Yoo Soy. The ratings that stay around 0.5% in the past has also surged in quality and quantity in 2011.

In the ratings war for two new dramas, Padam Padam is temporarily winning. In the episode 7 of Padam Padam broadcast on December 26th, 2011, the rating hit 2.073%, the highest rating is temporarily the 2.151% of episode 5. While Color of Woman broadcast at the same time only rated 0.604%, unable to keep up with the pace of Padam Padam.

On the other hand, another JTBC’s drama series at another time slot, Queen Insoo, also managed to get the good rating of 1.087% at its rerun.