The ultra-popular Taiwanese drama The Fierce Wife which held high ratings record in Taiwan has been planning to shoot a movie version of the drama.

According to the producer Wang Pei Hua, the preparation for movie version of The Fierce Wife is going on intensively, and the shooting can start as soon as year end. She said, “I want to bring this gang of actors to jump onto big screen.”

She announced the news when celebrating The Fierce Wife drama series managed to clinch 7 nominations for Golden Bell Awards, the top awards for TV programs in Taiwan.

The Fierce Wife Best Leading Actor and Actress

On the other hand, Sonia Sui who is nominated for best leading actress received the congratulatory phone call during a make up, and she cried at least for 5 minutes until cannot sticked the eyelash. She cries when called to share the news with mother, but didn’t receive call from her ex-boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao though, who had expressed to reporters that, “Hope she can win the award, I very optimistic about her.”

Wen Sheng Hao who has already been nominated for best leading actor for 4 years was so moved, said, “The hard work at that time, been lambasted and abused was worthwhile. Janel Tsai couldn’t even believe it, and cried when called his father and sister, but she was congratulated by boyfriend Patrick Li. Amanda Zhu who is pregnant does not respond though, but her expected date of birth is November, so she may not able to attend in the ceremony.