The Strongest K-Pop Survival Final Episode 14 Synopsis Summary with Preview Video

Synopsis Summary for Episode 14 (Final Episode) of K-Pop – The Ultimate Audition (The Strongest K-Pop Survival)

Because of causing hurt to many people, and doing many unreasonable things, team leader Han decides to take responsibility and submits his resignation.

On the one hand, Woo Hyun tells In Young that he could no longer play the fictional couple with her which showing love in front of others. But In Young takes out the photos of Seung Yeon in female dressing, threatening to make public the secret of Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon.

K-Pop – The Ultimate Audition / The Strongest Survival Final Episode 14 Video Preview


9 responses to “The Strongest K-Pop Survival Final Episode 14 Synopsis Summary with Preview Video”

  1. Www Kholoudatteya Avatar
    Www Kholoudatteya

    why it is final?it is supposed to be 16 episodes

  2. Avatar

    It has been cut short to 14 episodes.

  3. chasen8888 Avatar

    For it to end at episode 14 does not make sense.  We have Seung Yeon girl outing to the fans, the resolution of M2 and M2 junior, the removal of In Young, coupledom between Woo Hyun and Seung Yeon and finally the issue with President Jang and Team Leader Han,

  4. Eva Lee Avatar
    Eva Lee

    what so no more 16 eps :(

  5. Mmadalina2004 Avatar

    omo….that is mean….it shuld be 16 ep…is there any reason to cut it to 14?

  6. May Avatar

    The final is ep 16

  7. amouragh Avatar

    i agree with chasen8888 i don’t think it is the end cause the problems arent solved i hope the will be 2 more episodes if they end it like that the writers really sucks but i think they made a good story so they will end it well…. i hopei will wait til next week hoping there will be some episodes to end this drama well (it’s killing me to wait)

  8. Mabel Avatar

    K-Pop Ultimate Survival was cut to 14 instead of 16.

    K-Pop Ultimate Survival is a pleasant show, but I find the tone
    off-putting and overly juvenile, like it’s made for Disney or ABC Family. Not
    that there’s anything wrong with those channels; it’s just that you have to
    adjust your expectations when you’re expecting prime-time drama and get tween
    programming instead. According to one actor’s reps, “The filming atmosphere is
    good, but even so they’re dealing with quite a bit of shock over the low

    Channel A also produced Bachelor’s Vegetable Store. ‘Nuff
    said about that trainwreck. They did have one well-received drama, Heaven’s
    Garden, which even broke 1% ratings… but didn’t cause much of a stir.
    Ratings and acclaim don’t equal buzz, as we well know.

    Retrived paragraph from ”

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