Wild Romance

Three Viewing Points of Wild Romance

The KBS2 TV’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama series is debuting on January 4th, 2012. The drama is a romantic comedy which tells the story between a female bodyguard and a baseball player who needed to accept the protection of the most dangerous “anti-fan.” 

The Wild Romance drama is the collaboration between scriptwriter Park Yeon Seon who wrote My Tutor Friend (2003), Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest (2004), and Love So Divine, and PD Bae Kyung Soo who made Famous Princesses (2006) and Women in the Sun (2008), and thus has been under the spotlight.

On the eve of Wild Romance premiere, let’s take a look at the three watching focuses of Wild Romance.

Wild Romance

1. Violent and ignorant couple takes stage

Just as the title of the drama Wild Romance implied, the violent (wild) and ignorant couple in the drama will take center stage. The couple is the bodyguard Yoo Eun Bi and the main shortstop Park Moo Yul of the winning team for 2010 professional baseball league. They resort to violence on first met, and in order to keep their jobs, two people have no choice but to become the bodyguard for a hated person and been protected by the top anti-fan.

The violent and ignorant fight between two persons is a major viewing point for this drama. Lee Dong Wook who plays the role of Park Moo Yul said during the production press conference on the January 2nd, 2012 that the drama will have a lot of ignorant plots, such as couldn’t understand single words and etc. Lee Si Young who appears in the drama with breakthrough hairstyle (she is playing the character of Yoo Eun Jae), completing all the action scenes without any stand-in, this have getting a lot of concern.

2. The casting of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Jessica

Jessica, a member of pop girl group Girls Generation (SNSD) is starring in Wild Romance. Jessica who used to act in musical is challenging the drama series for the first time through Wild Romance.

Kang Jong Hee is playing the role of painter Kang Jong Hee, who has elusive character, beautiful look, and is the first love of Moo Yul. Jessica is scheduled to appear between episode 8 to episode 16, and will bring chaos between Moo Yul and Eun Jae. The war of nerves between Eun Jae and Jong Hee who set aside Moo Yul will be full of fun.

3. The famous supporting actors

In Wild Romance, in addition to Lee Dong Wook, Lee Shi Young and Jessica, there are also many well known supporting actors. Oh Man Suk, Hwang Sun Hee, Lim Won Jong, Lee Han Wie and other actors have been active in the vision of viewers with their many works.

Armed with violent and unique characters, Wild Romance will be compete against MBC’s The Moon that Embraces the Sun and SBS’s Take Care of Us, Captain. Let’s wait and see what’s the outcome.

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