Fermentation Family OST Album

Fermentation Family OST Album Released

The full complete version of Fermentation Family OST album is released on February 24th, 2012, right after the end of the run of the JTBC drama series.

The Fermentation Family OST album includes all the four previously released individual song OSTs together with three new never released before songs, coupled with nine more background musics to make up an album with a total of 16 tracks.

Fermentation Family OST Album

Fermentation Family (발효가족) OST Album Track List

  1. Stupid Love (이깟 사랑) – J-Cera (제이세라)
  2. The Words on My Lips (입술에 맺힌 말) – Heo Young Saeng (허영생)
  3. Afraid of Love (사랑이 두려워) – FIX
  4. Beautiful Memories (기억으로 아름다워서) – Park Sun Joo (박선주)
  5. Crazy (미쳐) – FIX feat. Nami (나미) in Black Pearl (블랙펄)
  6. Cheon Ji In (천지인) – Park Sun Joo (박선주) feat. Seo Jin Sil (서진실), Bae Nu Ri (배누리)
  7. The Face I Miss (그리운 얼굴) *Theme for Eun Bi* – Jung Hye Won (정혜원)
  8. Song to Offer Wine (권주가)
  9. Flora (꽃길) [Evening Yearning for You (그대 그리운 저녁)]
  10. Morning
  11. Breakfast (아침식사)
  12. Ho Tea Theme
  13. Traditional Korean Set Menu (한정식)
  14. Stay in Life (묵은인생)
  15. Missing
  16. Sonata (연가)

The Fermentation Family OST album is available in major online and brick-and-mortar music stores, including YesAsia (aff).





5 responses to “Fermentation Family OST Album Released”

  1. LemonHead Avatar

    I have been looking for the theme song for this show for some time now. I am excited that they have finally released the OST….however can anyone tell me the name of their theme song? I want to make sure that it is apart of the CD. It’s kind of a rap/traditional fusion?… it’s awesome! Thank you.

  2. s53 Avatar

    The theme song is #6 on the OST called Cheonjinin (Heaven Earth and Man).  

  3. s53 Avatar

    Where can I purchase the ost of Fermentation Family.? It is not offered by yesasia.com

  4. Humplin Teddy Avatar
    Humplin Teddy

    whats the name of the song to offer wine and who sang it?????please guys tell me,i really like the song and it does seem traditional…..

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