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Just Like Today

Drama Title: Just Like Today
Korean Title: 오늘만 같아라
Romanization Pronunciation: O-neul-man Gat-a-ra / Oneulman Gatara
Also Known As: The Best Day In My Life / Be Like Today
Chinese Name: 就像今天一样
Japanese Name: 日々是好日
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 128
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: 21 November 2011 – 18 May 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:15 PM

Preceded By: Indomitable Daughters-In-Law
Followed By: Can’t Live Without You

Plot Summary / Synopsis

A family drama about 3 couples of parents from same hometown who are distressed by life but do not hesitate to make sacrifices for their children, and a generation of young people who are worried for career, future and school fees.


Kim Seung Soo (김승수) as Jang Hae Joon (장해준)
Lee Jae Yoon (이재윤) as Jang Ji Wan (장지완)
Han Groo (한그루) as Kim Mi Ho (김미호)
Yang Jin Sung (양진성) as Moon Hyo Jin (문효진)
Kim Kap Soo (김갑수) as Jang Choon Bok (장춘복)
Kim Mi Sook (김미숙) as Yoon In Sook (윤인숙)
Kim Young Ok (김영옥) as Oh Kap Boon (오갑분)
Jung Jae Soon (정재순) as Lee Ok Ja (이옥자)
Jung Sung Yoon (정성윤) as Kang Kyung Shik (강경식)
Park Si Eun (박시은) as Moon Hee Joo (문희주)
Hong Yo Seob (홍요섭) as Moon Sang Yub (문상엽)
Kyun Mi Ri (견미리) as Lee Jae Gyung (이재경)
Lee Han Wie (이한위) as Kim Joon Tae (김준태)
Park Soon Chun (박순천) as Park Jung Sim (박정심)

Just Like Today Characters Description

Production Credits

Director: Kim Dae Jin (김대진)
Screenwriter: Choi Hyun Kyung (최현경)

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