Ku Hye Sun explained the reason why she prefers short hair during the production press conference of SBS drama series Take Care of Us, Captain on January 3rd, 2012, where she will appear in short hair once again after Korean version of Meteor Garden.

Koo Hye Sun smiled and said, “May be some people would thought my hair never grown. I have short hair since filming Boys Over Flowers. Although there are few projects been released, but when I am a director it looks like it’s more convenient to have short hair. Women will know, once the hair is cut short, it’s very different to keep long again.”

Ku Hye Sun also said, “I want to concentrate more on my directing works, furthermore I originally have preferred short hair. Actually nobody actually requests me to have short hair, but I want it. I feel that keeping a long hair seems like trying to please somebody. I hope to make short hair my advantage, conveying my positive and proactive altitude.”

Ku Hye Sun Poster

She added: “Short hair also happens to fit the characters in The Musical and Take Care of Us, Captain. If there is a need for a character with long hair, I will keep a long hair. Now I just want to be myself.”

via Chosun