Korean Actresses Are Criticized as Expressionless and Poor at Lines

“Is it acting will get worse with the increase of age?”, “The expressions when frightened, breathing sped up, or when excited are the same, this is really …” “Now is reading national language lesson or what, don’t have any feeling.”

These are the comments on viewers’ bulletin board for actress in leading role in MBC drama The Moon Embracing the Sun, Han Ga In. The drama has enjoyed huge popularity due to excellent performance male and female child actors at first, and have exceeded 20% ratings mark with just 2 episodes aired.

After the adult actors debuted beginning from episode 6, the ratings exceeded 30%, showing a rising trend. But the audience is very dissatisfied with the acting of Han Ga In. In the sad and moving rival play, Han Ga In is older than Kim Soo Hyun by 6 years old, therefore there is people who accused, “Is there problem with casting.”

Today is the “era of suffering for heroine.” Not only for Han Ga In, but the acting of actress in leading role in drama that is recently ended or is currently airing has been called into question in succession, and triggers the “wrong casting” dispute.

The comment of the viewers for the lead actress Nam Sang Mi in MBC Monday and Tuesday series Lights and Shadows which ranks first in viewership ratings is, “The face without emotion and lines without feelings caused depression.” SBS series Take Care of Us, Captain is not very optimistic in terms of viewership ratings due to collide head-on with The Moon Embracing the Sun, and that the acting of lead actress Ku Hye Sun has also been questioned, it may be said as facing a double crisis. The audience’s comments for Ku Hye Sun is “merely Geum Jan Di (the name of character played by Ku Hye Sun in Boys Over Flowers) wearing the uniform of pilot only,” “the unchanged expressions for 10 years lets people feels ill,” and so on.

Although there are many actresses who can reach a standard in acting through efforts, but are buried because of the ‘glory’ of male actors. In the KBS series Brain ended not long ago, because of the excellent acting of two male actors, Shin Ha Kyun and Jun Jin Young, the lead actress Choi Jung Won almost does not receive any attention. In the currently airing SBS series Salaryman, the acting of Jung Ryu Won also does not receive attention because of “comedy master” Lee Bum Soo. Recently, the actresses who are praised for their acting are mostly actresses in supporting roles such as Hong Soo Hyun (The Princess’ Man, Salaryman) and Kim Soo Hyun (Brain).

Many producers believe that “the young actress who can perfectly play an important role is too little.” Especially in the romantic historical drama that is popular recently, the phenomena of shortage for lead actress is even more serious.

An official of production company said, “The image for heroine in The Moon Embracing the Sun, Lights and Shadows, and other popular dramas cannot be overly lively, also cannot be overly young, but the young actress who can meet the requirements is very hard to find.”

Although Moon Geun Young, Moon Chae Won, Park Min Young, Shin Se Kyun and some others are “trusted” young actresses, but because they’re just a few, so the competition for casting is very fierce. Furthermore, the time for these actresses to consider their next project is longer, therefore to producers who need to immediately start the filming, it’s hard to wait.

Therefore, during the casting, it’s inevitable to form the actor combination of “aunt and nephew” or “uncle and niece.” For example, in the MBC drama series The King which is scheduled to broadcast in March, Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won who have age difference of 7 years will play a lover couple. The King is a black comedy that depicts the romantic love story between man and woman from rich and powerful family in the south and north. Ahn Jae Wook and Nam Sang Mi who plays lover couple in the MBC drama Lights and Shadows also has a difference of 13 years in age. Thus, the viewers have expressed dissatisfaction that “there is no chemical reaction.”

There are some people who blames “the bigger problem is the laziness of production group. On the ground of pressing schedule of editing and airing, production team does not put in all efforts in casting, is just muddling along.” A representative of a major drama series production company said: ” With the increase of ‘star power,’ recently the director of TV series is just seeing which way the winds blow on the set, afraid of find fault with the inadequacies in acting of the actresses.”

The representative also said: “The actress should have the attitude of learning, and production team will have to change the perception and inert that as long as perceived quality by public is high, can be selected as the lead even if the acting doesn’t pass the mark.”

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  2. […] Korean Actresses Are Criticized as Expressionless and Poor at Lines […]

  3. […] Korean Actresses Are Criticized as Expressionless and Poor at Lines […]

  4. […] Korean Actresses Are Criticized as Expressionless and Poor at Lines […]

  5. […] Korean Actresses Are Criticized as Expressionless and Poor at Lines […]

  6. Try Febriani Siregar Avatar

    that’s right.. i agree… i watched take care of us, captain only because of ji jin hee.. i don’t like go hye sun’s acting..

  7. Jermaine Avatar

    That is what I noticed with korean dramas, there are really some actors and actresses who are not good at all. Infact one very popular singer from a such popular group is the worst of these korean artists. She can not act. Her body language is terrible and she is not able to give life to her lines. The only thing she has is that her group is popular. Young people nowadays no longer know what is a quality actress.

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