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The First Memory (Zui Chu De Hui Yi) by Da Feng Chui – The Oath Insert Song

The First Memory (最初的回忆) or in Pinyin, Zui Chu De Hui Yi, is a song by Da Feng Chui (大风吹), a Singaporean band. The song is a new single by the Da Feng Chui band with the MV going to be released in 2012.

Although The First Memory has not yet officially released, but the song has premiered on air wave via Singapore’s radio station Yes933, and is one of the OST (original soundtrack) of the Singapore drama The Oath. The song is used as the insert song of The Oath, and it’s featured as the song that accompanying the scrolling ending credits on episode 15 broadcast on November 14, 2011.

The First Memory (最初的回忆) is composed by Zhen Liang (龔振良), the lead singer of Da Feng Chui and is written by Hong Mei Yan (洪美燕).

Watch and listen the The First Memory (最初的回忆) at YouTube (recorded from episode 15 of The Oath). Another video clip is available which is recorded from the final episode 20 of The Oath, broadcast on November 21st, 2011. As the song is recorded from the drama, it’s not complete but mixed with dialog lines.

Da Feng Chui

The First Memory (最初的回忆) Lyric

回忆 背弃

寻找 你的呼吸

虽想你 谁是你

虽唯一 只靠心感应

邂逅 爱上你

The First Memory (最初的回忆) Lyric English Translation

When familiarity turns into the distance
Future is frozen in place
Escape willfully in the past
Memory, abandon

The picture pieced together is like air
Thought scatters messy story
Work hard to disintegrate each section of memory
Find your breathe

Deleting the whole world still cannot forget
Although thinking of you, who are you

Do not fear the passage of time in the universe
Although only one, only rely on the heart to induce

Deleting the while world still have to anew
Encounter, fall in love with you
Open the eyes is you
The first memory





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  1. Nicolebohyie Avatar

    do you know about the english song? :) when is played in the last episode when Guo’en went for a jog in the park? 

    1. Asian-Drama.org Avatar

      Can’t find any information to the song yet.

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