On January 25th 2012, The MBC drama series The Moon that Embraces the Sun recorded the national average rating of 29.7%, which is also the highest ratings since the airing starts. On the contrary, the competitor dramas at the same time slot, SBS’s Take Care of Us, Captain starring Ku Hye Sun and KBS’s Wild Romance starring Lee Si Young are losing the ratings war with 7.1% and 6.2% rating respectively.

“Is it a fresh challenge, or the staid status quo?” Joongang Daily analyzed all aspects of actresses with uncertain fate.

▶ Han Ga In

Han Ga In

Bold challenge shines.

As her look too westernized, Han Ga In has been focused on modern drama since debuting in 2002. MBC’s The Moon that Embraces the Sun is Han Ga In first challenge on sageuk, so receiving much attention. No matter is genre or character, it’s completely different from the past. In this drama, Han Ga In is playing the role of a crown princess who is reduced to a female shaman after losing her memory, the character is full of mystery, and exuding magical charm.

For her transformation, most responses have been positive. Most of the viewers thinks that Han Ga In abandoned the beauties of capability and matureness accumulated in the past, and chose a path that allows an actor to climb to next level, and by just considering this courageousness, it’s enough to get applause.

However, among these positive responses, Han Ga-in have a job to be resolved, and that is accusations about her actings. The key to solve the issue depends on how she performs the genre and role that she challenged for the first time.

▶ Lee Si Young

Lee Shi Young

Because of the “female hero” role, Lee Si Young failed twice in TV series consecutively. In November 2011, she was playing the role of a coast guard in KBS2’s Poseidon, and ultimately received dismal rating of only 8.9%. This is second failure after Poseidon.

In Wild Romance, Lee Si Young is playing the role of bodyguard for Lee Dong Wook. From the first episode, she squabbles with arrogant Lee Dong Wook without giving any ground, just like seeing her role in the previous drama Poseidon again. Proficient in various martial arts, carefree characteristic, and even the short hair is exactly the same.

In August 2010, Lee Si Young joins the rank of top stars after winning the boxing competition, there is no doubt on this. But now she is accused of needing transformation. A person in charge of TV series said, “If mentioning about carefree actress, the first person I thought of is Lee Si Young. Because in the past two years, she acted in too much similar roles. Really want to see the Lee Si Young who has sense of feminine in her next project.

▶ Ku Hye Sun

Koo Hye Sun

Ku Hye Sun whose current character does not differentiate much from previous roles is been left out by the audience.

Ku Hye Sun is playing the role of newcomer co-pilot of Boeing 747 Han Da Jn in SBS drama Take Care of Us, Captain.

Actually there is very few female pilots in the industry. Therefore, the anticipation towards the successful story of enthusiastic and ambitious female pilot caught the attention of the audience.

But with the role played by Ku Hye Sun is mainly to sshow the hope and overcome difficulty.

In the just-concluded SBS drama The Musical, Ku Hye Sun was playing the role of Go Eun Bi who dreams of becoming a musical actress. Take Care of Us, Captain is screened not even 10 days after the end of The Musical, so her roles let people feel even more of the same.

Person in charge straight to the point, “There is even joke said, this in the end is just “Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun’s character in Boys Over Flowers) who changed into pilot uniform,’ it’s always similar kind of roles, what’s on display is always the acting expression that is fixed, which makes the audience feel bored.”

via Joongang Daily