Heaven, Earth & Man (Cheonjiin) - Park Sun Joo (Fermentation Family OST)

If Love Changes - Jevice (Come, Come, Absolutely Come OST Part 2)

Faraway - K2 Kim Seong Myung (Glowing She OST Part 2)

Glowing - Raina of After School (My Shining Girl OST Part 2 MV)

Against (J-Walk) - Take Care of Us, Captain OST Part 5

B Class Life - Kim Jisoo, Jinwoon, Jr. & Kang Sora (DH2 OST Part 6)

Painful Hope - Lee Ki Chan (Dream High 2 OST Part 5)

Because of You - B.E.G's Jea (Salaryman Cho Han Ji OST Part 4)

You Walking Toward Me - 2AM's Jung Jin Woon (Dream High 2 MV)

Sweet, Everyday - Kim Hyung Jun (Glowing She / Sunshine Girl OST MV)

I Love You - Sunny Hill (Salamander Guru and the Gang OST Part 2)

For You - Kim Jae Suk (Color of Woman Full-Length OST with MV)