Drama Title: Syndrome
Korean Title: 신드롬
Romanization: Sindeulom / Sin-deu-rom
Chinese Name: 综合症
Japanese Name: シンドローム
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: JTBC
Broadcast Period: 13 February 2012 – 19 April 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 8:45 PM

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Plot Summary

Syndrome is a medical drama with neurosurgery as background, showing the cold and warm of humanity through the decisive scenes of surgery and passion of the doctors for medicine, and the love triangle between a female undergraduate medical student and two male doctors.


Lee Hae Jo is a first year resident doctor specializing in neurosurgery. She was graduated from local medical school and not from top medical school, but she is determined to become the best neurosurgeon.

Cha Yeo Wook is a first year resident neurosurgeon. Cha Yeo Wook graduated from the best medical school and is the grandson of the board chairman of Korea University Hospital. His background to become a doctor is impeccable.

Kang Eun-Hyun is the chief resident of neurosurgery.


Han Hye Jin (한혜진) as Lee Hae Jo (이해조)
Song Chang Ui (송창의) as Cha Yeo Wook (차여욱)
Park Gun Hyung (박건형) as Kang Eun Hyun (강은현)
Jo Jae Hyun (조재현) as Cha Tae Jin (차태진)
Kim Sung Ryung (김성령) as Oh Eun Hee (오은희)
Kim Yoo Suk (김유석) as Min Sung Joon (민성준)
Im Won Hee (임원희) as Oh Kwang Hee (오광희)
Im Byung Gi as Lee Gyu Jo (Hae-Jo’s father)
Eom Hyo Sup as Park Sun Woo
Yoon Ji Min as Kim Yi Joon
Jang Sung Won as Heo Jo Gang
Kim Dong Hyun as Lee Jae Yoon
Baek Ok Dam as Go Ah Reum
Min Joon Hyun (민준현) as Journalist (기자)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Sung Joo (이성주), Ko Jae Hyun 고재현)
Writer: Kim Sol Ji (김솔지)

Viewership Ratings

Episode Date Nationwide Seoul
1 13 February 2012 0.926
2 14 February 2012 0.796
3 20 February 2012 0.770
4 21 February 2012 0.798
5 27 February 2012 0.818
6 28 February 2012 1.100
7 5 March 2012 0.995
8 6 March 2012 1.190
9 12 March 2012 1.105
10 13 March 2012 1.154
11 19 March 2012 1.155
12 20 March 2012 1.351
13 26 March 2012 1.480
14 27 March 2012 1.319
15 2 April 2012 1.885 2.91
16 3 April 2012 1.508 2.33
17 9 April 2012 1.643 2.37
18 10 April 2012 1.582 2.10
19 16 April 2012 1.812
20 17 April 2012 1.890

Source: AGB Nielson Media Research

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Syndrome Trailers: Teaser Trailer 1 | Teaser Trailer 2 | Preview Trailer | 7-Minute Highlight Preview Trailer

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Syndrome OST Part 1 – Remember

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